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A passive solar greenhouse design

Geodesic Growing Dome Greenhouses

Arctic Acres provides Canada with the highest quality geodesic greenhouses, sustainable horticultural solutions, and innovative living & workspaces.

These state-of-the-art Growing Domes® are multifunctional, energy and cost-efficient, and even profitable state-of-the-art geodesic greenhouses!

What is a Growing Dome?

Growing Domes are an innovative progression of both the geodesic dome design, and greenhouse technology. Developed by Growing Spaces® in 1989, these domes have been tried, tested, and enjoyed by satisfied customers all across the United States and abroad. Now, Arctic Acres is proud to bring these incredible, iconic structures to homes and businesses nationwide across Canada. Arctic Acres has been manufacturing and installing growing domes in Canada since 2019.

What can I do with my dome?

What can’t you do with a Growing Dome? With 6 sizes available ranging from 15-feet all the way up to 42-feet in diameter, and an innovative design that allows for 4 growing seasons, there are many applications and uses for these amazing domes. Customize and accessorize your dome to fit your life. Perfect for home gardening, horticulture, hydroponics and aquaculture, tourism and hospitality, functional and social space, and more!

How do I get started?

Explore your dome and upgrade options and see what works best for you, speak to our team, and request a detailed quote. Our team and community are glad to work with you and walk you through every step of this process so you can enjoy your new greenhouse and get growing!

What are Growing Domes?

Growing Domes® are a proprietary geodesic greenhouse product owned by our American partner Growing Spaces Inc® in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. They are masterfully engineered dome structures that are designed to be the best greenhouses available. They come equipped with features and capabilities mentioned on our technology page and are highly customizable for both work and play.


Where are Growing Domes manufactured?

Every Arctic Acres Growing Dome is made to order in Portland Ontario, delivered locally, and shipped nationwide across Canada.


How long does it take to be delivered?

Lead times vary based on the time of the year and our production schedule, with Spring/Summer being the busiest seasons. Right now, the average time for production and delivery is about 6 – 8 weeks.


What are they used for?

Aside from their good looks, Growing Domes are advanced pieces of technology designed to create a secure, comfortable, sustainable, self-regulating environment inside (while keeping out anything from gale-force winds and mounds of snow to unwanted pests and harmful UV rays). These domes are perfect for horticulture, gardening, and more.


How do I know if a Growing Dome will work for my situation?

Growing Domes are adaptable structures that can be customized to fit your specific needs and wants. We recommend exploring our website and social media, reaching out to a member of the Growing Dome community, or speak to our team directly. If it can be done in a dome, we’ll let you know!


How long will the dome last?

There are Growing Domes in use today that are over 20 years old. We use high-quality materials and guarantee both our domes framework and polycarbonate panels for 10 years, but a well-maintained dome can function much longer than that. 

The most common issue that may occur discolouration of our polycarbonate panels, however, if this occurs we offer replacement panels on our website, and hope that your dome helps you grow for decades to come. 


How much do they cost?

Pricing can be found in our annual catalogue, or provided by our sales team. Although our dome kit prices are set, shipping costs may vary based on your province/territory, and associated installation costs may vary based on the factors outlined below. For a personalized quote, please fill out our order form here.


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