What is permaculture?

Permaculture to me is bigger than making a herb spiral, or planting a veggie garden. It’s about answering the question of “how do we keep the human race alive”, not only for our generation or our children, but in perpetuity. We absolutely must come into balance with the natural world we live in – it’s not an option. We either do it, or we fade into the history books at that virus that disrupted the planet that it depended on to the point that we caused a collapse of all species unfortunate enough to share the planet with us at the same time as us.

Humans can be such a debilitating force of destruction, but we also have it in us to be a tremendous source of healing. We just need to choose which one we want to be. I know what team I’m going to fight for. I hope you join me and many others on our journey towards no only sustainability but towards regeneration.


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